Beef Snacks

At Creamery Creek Farms, we offer a wide selection of premium beef snack meats made from our own high-quality beef. We carefully craft our beef snacks using traditional techniques and the freshest ingredients. We know you’ll love these bold flavors and our snacks’ tender, delicious texture. 

What meat snacks will you choose today? Whether you make sandwiches with dried beef slices or grab flavorful snack sticks on the go, we’ve got all your farm-raised favorites. Your box will ship straight from the farm on the Tuesday following your order. 

Meat Snacks

From savory beef jerky to flavorful beef sticks, our beef snacks are perfect for on-the-go snacking.  They are also a great protein-packed addition to any meal. We take great pride in our commitment to quality, and our snack meats are no exception.  

We raise and process our cattle within 30 miles of Creamery Creek Farms, from start to finish. None of our beef cattle receive any antibiotics or growth hormones—ever. We want our love for our land and animals to continue in our family for generations to come.  

Beef Snacks for On-The-Go

Snacks when you’re out and about don’t need to be boring. We know that eating the same protein bar day after day starts to get old fast. Spice things up with pasture raised picks from Creamery Creek Farms! 

Perfect for a summer picnic or BBQ, meat snacks are a filling and nutritious option. Throw a pack of our dry aged beef hot dogs into your cooler or add our beef summer sausage to your next charcuterie board. If you aren’t careful, you’ll soon be known as the person with the best snacks! Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 


If you feel wary of all the processing and additives in hot dogs and jerkies, you will enjoy our good meat snacks. With no added MSG or preservatives, our dry meat snacks like jerky and beef sticks are food you can feel good about. These snacks are perfect for your kids’ lunches, but we won’t tattle if you save them as a special treat for yourself. 

Our cattle are pasture raised with sustainable, gentle farming methods. After the beef goes through dry aging for at least 21 days, we combine it with fresh, simple ingredients for delicious, protein-filled snacks. The best part is that you’ll recognize every ingredient! No decoding secret formulas, just delicious and flavorful beef. (Note that all beef snacks will have nitrite free formulas by the end of 2024.)   

Taste the Creamery Creek Farms magic for yourself! Browse our collection of premium beef snacks and experience the difference that comes from using quality ingredients. Additionally, every purchase of our beef helps us donate the same high quality meat to a local food pantry. Thank you!  

We ship every Tuesday directly from our farm! Every box is received within 48 hours, completely frozen. Order now for fast and reliable delivery.