Dry Aged Angus Beef Taco Tuesday Bundle


You're going to be well stocked for Taco Tuesdays for a while!  Shredded beef tacos from the roast, grilled steak tacos from the skirt, marinate the fajita strips, and ground beef tacos, or tamales, or taco salad too!

Each bundle contains:

1  Dry Aged Rump Roast (about 3lbs)

2 Dry Aged Medium Skirt Steaks (about 1 lb each)

2 pkgs - Dry Aged Fajita Strips (1lb each)

5 Dry Aged Ground Beef (1lb packages)

1 Westby Colby Cheese - 8oz


As always, we promise:

- All pastured Angus beef, raised by us, on Creamery Creek
- NO Growth Hormones
- NO Antibiotics 
- LOCALLY born, raised, harvested within 30 miles of our farm
- Processed at a USDA inspected butcher facility
- Dry aged at the processor 21 days