creamery creek farms dry aged beef tenderloin filet mignon
creamery creek farms dry aged beef tenderloin filet mignon


Dry Aged for at least 21 Days
creamery creek farms duroc pork
creamery creek farms duroc pork

Duroc Pork

Heritage Breed


Butter and Cheese
We want to be YOUR farmers

We want to be YOUR farmers

Creamery Creek Farms is a family owned beef, pork, dairy, and crop farm nestled in the Coulee Region near La Crosse, Wisconsin. We are committed to raising our animals, our crops, and our kids on a farm with sustainable farming practices. No added hormones, no unnecessary antibiotics, just good clean delicious meat and dairy.

Our farm is named after Creamery Creek, a small stream that starts on the Bangor Prairie in western Wisconsin. It flows through the pastures of the farms where our animals and our family lives, works, and plays. 

Buy your beef, pork and Wisconsin dairy direct from your farmer. Whether you want individual cuts or a customized box, you will taste and appreciate the difference!

Dry Aged Beef - Worth the Wait

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From Our Farm Straight to Your Door

Start to finish traceability.

With our focus on sustainability and high quality animal care - you can be confident in your choices with us!

We want to make it easier than ever to buy directly from your farmer.



Start to finish, everything within a 30 mile radius


We ate the best steak I have ever eaten. I’ve had aged beef before, but I’m sure none as good as that ribeye.

All American Sirloin Burgers - K. says he wishes we could have them more often. 10/10. Worth every dime.

Speaking of brisket. We had one from you guys on Sunday. It was literally to die for. Gonna have to get another one of those soon.

Great tenderloins

You barely need a knife to cut it. Everyone in the family appreciated the taste and texture. Hands down some of the best quality meat around. Looking forward to eating our way through our freezer full of meat from Creamery Creek.

The tenderloins were fantastic!

The meat was very good. Doing tenderloins tomorrow, and I could cut that ribeye steak with a fork!

I smoked your short ribs tonight. They were amazing, I should have bought more!!!

Our roast is awesome!!! I should have taken a picture. Admittedly I have never been a great roast cook. this was by far the best, so I'm going to assume it was the meat. I had to use a giant spatula to get it out of the crock pot because it was falling apart. Henry said it "tasted like candy!"

Had the jerky strips and they were awesome! Also, we had the bacon and that was super good too! I always get thick cut bacon and usually by the time you fry it up, it's thin, however, yours stayed thick!

Best brisket I've ever had! Making the short ribs tomorrow!

S. M. Bone-in Ribeye
K. H.
A. O.
J. T.
L. H.
N. B.
L. S.
J. K.
A. O.
N. P.