Dry Aged Beef Brisket


 Twenty-one day Dry Aged Beef Brisket.  This is a primal cut and is perfect to cook low and slow on the barbeque.  Brisket is a very large flat cut, well trimmed, with a beautiful fat cap on one side. 

Several different sizes available:

Whole briskets are about 8lbs (some are larger)
Half briskets are about 4lbs
Quarter briskets are about 2.5lbs  

Justin's favorite way to prepare this meat is on the Traeger.  He makes a crust with seasonings then lets it slow cook until finished.  The hardest part for us it to let it rest before slicing into it!  

As always, we promise:
- All pastured animals, raised by us, on Creamery Creek
- Dry Aged for 21 Days
- NO Growth Hormones
- NO Antibiotics 
- USDA inspected