How Much Prime Rib Per Person: My Rule of Thumb

When it comes to party planning, I love it!

I want my guests to have a great experience and a great meal!  For holidays and especially when we want to treat our favorite people - prime rib is always my first choice.

There are a million ways to make Prime Rib, and my favorite is the Scientific Method found here.

TL/dr:  1 pound Bone-In Prime Rib per Person. 

That's precooked!  

Whole prime rib roasts are 18-24lbs each.  Counting from the front to back, ribs number 6-12.

Half prime rib roasts are either 3 or 4 ribs each.  Ours range from 8-12lbs each, depending on the animal.

You can guess after cooking and removing the bone  (save for broth!) the finished product is less than 1lb per person, but it's still a lot of beef!

If you make our prime rib, tell me how it goes!