Dry Aged Beef Roasts

Still getting your beef from the grocery store?  When you try our pasture raised, dry aged beef roasts, you’ll taste the difference for yourself.  

Dry aging is a traditional method of processing meat. This method is time consuming, but the concentrated flavor and increased tenderness are so worth the wait.  

Our dry aged beef roasts are the perfect ingredient for elevating any meal. From soup bones and stew beef to back ribs, we have every cut you need you create delicious, homecooked meals. Check out our collections of heritage Duroc pork and Wisconsin dairy products while you’re here.  

Take all your meals to the next level with our best kept secret. Dry aged beef can add a gourmet flavor to even the simplest home cooking. With added flavor and tenderness, dry aged beef truly is special.  

At Creamery Creek Farms, from start to finish, we focus on the details. Our values are present every step of the way. This care and commitment adds up to beef that is absolutely “Worth the Wait!” 


At Creamery Creek Farms, we take great pride in providing excellent animal care all the way up to harvest. We pasture raise Angus, Simmental, and SimAngus cattle, focusing on sustainability and quality animal care. Then, we carefully select our beef from our own high quality herd.   

Our beef cattle herds are all pasture raised, and never given hormones or antibiotics. We maintain detailed animal records for start-to-finish traceability and transparency.   

At harvest, we carcass-age our beef in an environment with temperature and humidity control. This enhances the tenderness and flavor of each cut. Our dry aging process allows the beef to naturally tenderize and develop rich, complex flavors. We really believe that dry aged roast beef is unmatched. Try it for yourself and taste the difference! 

We offer all your favorite cuts of beef, including some that you may not find in your local grocery store. Some of our favorites include our sirloin tip roast and dry aged beef short ribs. If you’re looking for dry aged beef shoulder, try our Teres Major steak!  


Each product comes directly from our own beef animals at Creamery Creek Farms. We direct ship our orders from the farm every Tuesday. Your selections will arrive frozen either Wednesday or Thursday because we ship with dry ice and use insulated box liners. 

We offer local delivery on Wednesdays.  Farm pickup availability is always free, but by the nature of 24/7/365 farm business, we appreciate pickups by reservation only.  Click here for more details. 

Are you planning a special occasion or looking to treat yourself to restaurant quality beef at home? Creamery Creek Farms’ dry aged beef roasts are the perfect choice. You’ll take all your meals to the next level when you buy the best beef. Buy our dry-aged roasts online today.