In our years of farm tours, we've had our fair share of questions.  And we love them -- we love to tell our story. We love to hear your questions and what is important to you. 

What is dry aged beef and why?

Our beef is hung on the rail longer at the butcher facility; we pay extra for it because we know it concentrates the flavor and adds extra tenderness to an already high quality side of beef. We love it, and we know you will too!

Where do your dairy products come from?  Are they made from your farm's milk?

Milk from our dairy cows is shipped direct to a AA Grassland butter plant in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  You'll appreciate this butter -- offering the highest quality solids and quarters, unmatched in taste and quality.

The cheese and hand-rolled butter we offer is made by our animal feed partner, Westby Cooperative Creamery. We source whey from their cheese plant as a feed ingredient for our dairy cows. We are excited to offer this very local butter and cheese that is also part of our farm's sustainability story.

What diets do the pastured animals get fed in the winter?

In addition to pasture grasses, our beef animals are supplemented with the same high quality feed as our dairy cows year round.  Crops we produce right around the farm.  It is specifically formulated by an animal nutritionist to meet all of their growth needs.  

Do you use Bovine Growth Hormone?

No. Our beef animals are non-implanted and do not contain any extra hormones, no more than they would naturally. We want our animals to progress through a natural maturing process. 

Do you use rBST?

No. Our dairy cows are given no extra hormones. We want our animals to progress through a natural maturing process.  

What about antibiotics?

Yes, and only when necessary.  We work closely with our Veterinarian for any extra needed care  Further, we don't blanket treat any group of our animals with antibiotics for any preventative reason at all. We believe that an ounce of prevention and high quality animal care beats a pound of "cure." We treat our animals as we do our kids --- using antibiotics only when necessary for their health.  We know which animals receive extra treatment because we use herd management software that we can access anywhere and anytime and follow all withdrawal guidelines.

Are you organic?

We are not organic. We use high quality animal care standards and are independently verified through the F.A.R.M. program.  We do practice a lot of sustainable farming methods, such as cover crops, buffer strips, and waterways for erosion control to do the best we can for our environment, our kids and our future.  

What about GMOs?  Do you feed them to your animals?

We feed both conventional and nonGMO feeds to our animals.  Almost everything that goes into our cows' diet is grown by us, right around the home farm, using progressive and sustainable farming practices.

Tell me about the plastic that the frozen beef is packaged in?

Our dry aged beef and Duroc pork is packaged in a high quality cryovac plastic that does not contain Bisophenol A, otherwise known as BPA.  This plastic is rated for deep cold, and temperatures up to 149 degrees.  We've tested it straight into our sous vide cooker and love it frozen to finish.  

 Are you hosting another Breakfast on the Farm?

We love this question, and we love Breakfast on the Farm. Yes, we've offered to host in the future.  For now, we are enjoying breakfasts on the farm of our neighboring farmers in the county.  Join us!

Where is the Creamery?

At this time we do not have our own Creamery.  Our farm is named after a creek that is locally called Creamery Creek.  There used to be a Creamery on it, but there is not anymore.