About Us

Meet the Farmers

peterson family 2023

This is us -- nice to meet you!  Welcome to our farm!

We are the Petersons, the farmers on Creamery Creek: Justin, Louisa, Joe, Jake, Josh and Johanna.  We live and work on the farm. We are dairy farmers, beef farmers, pig farmers, and crop farmers.  Occasionally, even pheasant raisers too!

Justin and Louisa both were born and raised in Michigan.  They met in the Dairy Club at Michigan State University circa early 2000s.  Justin's capstone internship brought him to Wisconsin, and a full time job on the same farm materialized soon afterward.  Two moves later, (with kids and cows!), a hope and a prayer, Creamery Creek Holsteins was established in February 2010, grew a few times over.  Then Creamery Creek Farms was set up in February 2021 as the new branch of the farm to share the Peterson's love and passion of farming directly with consumers.

Our farm is a family farm. The kids pitch in to help with everything, from chores to field projects to pressure washing. They help us feed and count and record keep.  It's a blessing to be able to raise a family right on the farm, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

At Creamery Creek Farms, we believe animal comfort is the gateway to the best animal products we can produce.  We will go the extra mile to accommodate our animal's needs.  We use sand bedding just because we know it is more comfortable for our cows. We raise all of our own crops within 10 miles of the home farm. From plant to harvest, all details and decisions are managed by us so we can ensure outcomes suitable for all of our cows.

We diligently watch over every step of the process, from growing crops to top-notch animal care, to cover crops and wildlife habitat management.  Our goal is to be a sustainable farm with the future, our kids, and their kids in mind.  After all, they're watching our every move, every day.  We want our legacy to continue through multiple generations. If you have a question about any of our farming practices, please ask us -- we love to tell our story.

During the early days of the pandemic in 2020, friends and family reached out asking which products we could sell -- that was really the catalyst of our farm direct program. We became licensed in retail sales of our own on-farm meats, and we have them processed at a nearby USDA inspected facility. We want you to know and trust your food and where it comes from. 

Not only do we feel that we should offer our meats to our friends and family, we also believe in paying it forward.  Every purchase here helps us make a donation to a food pantry, in all of our best, no seconds.  The dry aged beef, heritage pork and Wisconsin dairy is the same that is donated to those in need.  

We believe in faith, family, and the farm.  We'd be honored if you'd choose us to be your farmers, too.