Box Return Program

We do our very best on our farms to do more with less.  We do it for our kids, our cows, and our future.

Your shipping box is yours to keep if you want.  Or it is recyclable where you are too.  Cardboard recycles, the plastic sleeve for the box liners are #2 recyclable, and the foam liners themselves are biodegradeable.

However, in a world where we can't always "just order more" due to supply chain challenges or product availability, we are offering one more option.

Return the box to us.

Sounds like extra hassle, but I assure you, it's minimal.  AND we appreciate it so much!  AND we put a credit on your account for your next order.

The United States Postal Service offers "Media Mail Rate" to boxes with books in them.  Doesn't have to be a big heavy book either, but it does have to have a minimum of 8 pages.  (Currently I'm on the look out for that book that was in Cheerios boxes that had a blue truck, help?)

After we receive your returned box, liner, and book, we will add a $5 credit to your account in the form of a gift card code. Watch your email!


  1. Put an old book in the box + liner (just a book, gifts don't qualify), tape the top and it is ready for return.
  2. Put the pre-addressed mailing label on top of the UPS label
  3. Add the appropriate postage in stamps or mail it at post office via MEDIA MAIL
  • 2-3lbs - $4.45 (small square box 14x14x14 with light book)
  • 3lbs - $5.08 (medium box 18x12x12 with medium book)
  • 4lbs - $5.71 (large box 18x16x14 with medium book)
Drop off at the Post Office!  

MAIL TO: Creamery Creek Farms, W1250 County Road U, Bangor, WI 54614

Returned boxes + liners really help! No rush to return, we are just happy to get them back.

Thank you from Louisa and Family @ Creamery Creek