Tailgate Game Day with Dry Aged Beef

creamery creek farms tailgate the game with us

Tailgate Game Day with Dry Aged Beef

Wisconsin Beef ideas for your next tailgate:

Dry Aged Skirt Steak. It's the most forgiving when you're in the middle of your game of Bag Toss.  Salt and pepper, cross cut and serve.

Dry Aged Ground Beef.  Make your best layer dip recipe ahead of time and relax and enjoy the fun.  Or make your patties and school your friends on how much delicious-ness you can fit in between that pretzel bun!

Dry Aged Tenderloin Steaks.  For when that oh-so sweet win deserves the best cut.

All Beef Hot Dogs.  When you need an easy, clean label, delicious dog - choose this one.

Creamery Creek Summer Sausage.  Perfect grind and excellent seasonings.  Easy anchor to work into a charcuterie board.  

Any way you spend game day - know that all of us at Creamery Creek appreciate you very much!  Hope your team wins!