Unlock the Ancient Health Benefits of Bone Broth - My Easy Recipe

Unlock the Ancient Health Benefits of Bone Broth - My Easy Recipe

Your electric pressure cooker can make fast work out of some soup bones and you will benefit!

We all know bone broth has benefits for our hair, skin and nails.  It's because of all the collagen that we can access easily in bone broth.  Be assured that bones sourced from our farm are perfect for making your next batch of broth.

You can even use them more than once.

I start with the package marked "Soup Bones".  But any roast with a bone in it will also suffice.  I put it on the trivet in my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker with 4 cups of water on "Manual" and high pressure for 60 minutes.

Then I separate the meat from the bone, leaving the marrow (white stuff) intact inside the hole in the bone.  The meat I use in everything from sauces to casseroles, or cook them with eggs for a tender delicious addition.

Optional extra step - roast or smoke the bone for added flavor.

I fill my Instant Pot liner half way with water, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar then add onions and celery pieces.  Add the bone, making sure not to go above the marked "Max Fill" line.

Close the lid, set it to "sealing".  Manual setting again, but use the "-" button to take it to zero, then one more.  Magic, 240 minutes on the screen?  (I just discovered this and it's really something everyone should know!)  After the cycle completes, and depending on what time of day it is, sometimes I'll even run the cycle again.  It's my opinion two cycles on 240 makes the broth extra delicious.

Pour all contents through a strainer and then package up.  Ambitious me puts it in quart size freezer bags for a rainy day.  Regular me puts it in my favorite Tupperware pitcher in the fridge to pour off into whatever recipe I'm making next.

Write back on how it goes for you! 

XOXO  Louisa