White Label Beef Prime Rib Roast


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White Label Beef Prime Rib Roast

Our White Label Beef.  Same great animals and feeding program, just not aged beef.

These roasts are bone in - great for standing rib roasts.  3 to 4 bones per roast.  We've reserved this prime cut from animals we've had processed for local school beef.  We just couldn't send these to the grind.  

A prime rib roast is an impressive cut of beef that consists of the rib primal cut, which includes several bones. The most recognizable bone in this roast is a long section of the spine called the "backbone," or "long-bone." This large, curved bone adds flavor to the roast and helps keep it together as it cooks.  We cut it off but tie it back on during the roasting process so that when we're ready to bring it to the table, we untie and slice.